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Negligence, wrongful death lawsuit filed against medical and rehab centers

PRESTONSBURG, Ky/May 7, 2010/ - A Grethel man has filed lawsuits against a Prestonsburg rehabilitation center and a Pikeville hospital for the neglect and wrongful death of his wife.

Willa Mae Frasure fell and fractured her hip at home in January 2008. She went to Pikeville Medical Center, Inc., located at 911 Bypass Road in Pikeville, for about a week. While there she had surgery that required incisions and staples in her left hip, thigh and knee. Frasure was then transferred to Riverview Health Care Center.

However, while at Pikeville, she developed bedsores that would eventually become infected at Riverview. The skin breakdown and improper wound care happened on Pikeville's watch, so the facility was negligent and bears responsibility for her pain, suffering and untimely death, according to a lawsuit filed in Pike County Circuit Court.

The second suit, filed in Floyd County Circuit Court in April, alleges that staff and administration at Riverview Health Care Center, 79 Sparrow Lane in Prestonsburg, caused Willa Mae Frasure to suffer "accelerated deterioration" beyond the normal aging process.

She was admitted to Riverview for rehabilitation on Jan. 19, 2008. While there, she developed a gangrenous blister on her left leg that required emergency amputation, as well as contracted E. coli and sepsis (an infection of the blood) before her death Feb. 15, 2009.

The lawsuits, filed by Frasure's husband, Tom Town Frasure, alleges Willa Mae "suffered extreme pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability, disfigurement, hospitalizations, degradation, and unnecessary loss of personal dignity, all of which were caused by the wrongful conduct of Defendants." As a result, Willa Mae Frasure incurred significant medical expenses and suffered humiliation and physical impairment.

Just prior to Willa Mae Frasure's admission to Riverview, the facility was cited for numerous violations, including citations for failing to make sure that staff members wash their hands when needed; and failing to ensure that the nursing home area is free of dangers that cause accidents.